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University of Washington Bothell Student Success Center

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The Office of Community-Based Learning and Research (CBLR) serves students, faculty, staff, and regional community organizations. We support CBLR courses and assist students with any challenges, questions, or concerns that arise at a CBLR site?

Reasons to see us:

  • Interested in finding out which courses embed CBLR experiences?
  • Enrolled in a CBLR course, and having difficulty finding a CBLR site that works for your schedule and work/school life?
  • Interested in volunteering/interning with a local non-profit, K-12 School, or local government outside of a course?
  • Want to expand your CBLR experience into an internship or research?
  • Interested in sholarship opportunities that include civic engagement/volunteering?

We support student learning experiences that make a positive difference in our communities and prepare students to be effective leaders and change-makers. We assist students in connecting with community organizations that inspire students’ passions and enhance course learning objectives.


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